Kevin & Nicole


It all started with a Mexican restaurant...

Before we knew each other, we were both Americans living abroad, independently craving good Mexican food. In London in 2009, the options were slim. And as it would happen, we found ourselves living just blocks apart, both frequenting the same neighborhood burrito spot to get our Mexican fix. It was here that we would run into each other over, and over, and over again. Thanks Chilango!  


Our Adventure.

We met and became friends in London in 2009, having both joined the Finsbury Dazzlers, a softball team better-known for their post-game parties than on-field play. 

It wasn't until years later, in Brooklyn in 2012, that we first kissed and spent a summer together falling in love.

Since then, our adventure has taken us all over together, as we support one another through different challenges, new endeavors, cross country moves, and career changes. Along the way, our little nest expanded with the addition of our little Los Angeles street puppy, Ada. 

Finally in 2016 Kevin (and his conspirator Ada) found a beautiful ring and asked Nicole to marry him.


He Said...

"Oh, I liked her right away. She just seemed like the most interesting, savvy, fun, and kind person. I remember her showing me some of her fine art projects on our first date, and I just remember thinking that she was even more incredible than I imagined, and I really wanted to kiss her as soon as possible."

-- Kevin

She Said...

"It's funny to think back now, because I didn't see it coming. I always thought Kevin was funny and a nice guy, but I didn't give it much thought beyond that. So that first time we kissed... it was just a total surprise. The best kind of surprise."

-- Chenay Nicole


Married in Merida.

We wanted to invite you all to a place we have never been, to celebrate the amazing luck we've had to find one another.

We'll have a grand party, to launch the most amazing adventure of our lives.